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Semi Framed Integrity Showerscreens

When it comes to proper water management in the bathroom, there’s nothing more beneficial than a high quality showerscreen. These days, showerscreens are available in many different types, forms and styles. Semi framed integrity showerscreens have been quite popular. Such a showerscreen is an effective and smart way to get rid of excess water leakage and spray. It allows you to protect the integrity of your bathroom.

In case you’re using shower curtains, it’s likely that you’re inviting scum and mould into the bathroom. In addition to this, shower curtains may also lead to trip hazards. Thus, they are dangerous for your children. Most importantly, shower curtains transform already small areas in the bathroom into very tiny spaces by diminishing perceived space and blocking vision.

When you want to minimize shower scum and maximize space, you need to find a shower screen solution. Semi framed integrity showerscreens will be an excellent choice. These showerscreens can be easily customized. Depending on the budget and bathroom, you can easily get a showerscreen to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Overview of Semi Framed Integrity Showerscreens

A semi framed shower screen is quite different from a fully framed shower screen. In simple terms, the former doesn’t have any aluminium on the infill panel or back edge of the door. An infill panel is a piece of glass that fills the gap between the wall and the door.

Due to the exposed edge, most manufacturers use toughened glass, and don’t consider laminated glass, which is often used in fully framed showerscreens. A semi framed screen can be installed either directly on a tiled floor or a shower base. Here are some key benefits of such shower screens :

  • Define the shower recess
  • Add creative space options for your bathroom
  • Reliable and functional
  • 6mm thick toughened glass Door
  • 5mm thick toughened glass panels 
  • Standard pull-knob for superb minimalist feel.
  • Range of colours available including Polished Silver, Matt Silver and White.
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Overlapping panels ensures water resistance
  • Simple, quick and easy to clean
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial silicon used – resistant to mildew growth

As mentioned above, these shower screens are extremely easy to clean. You can clearly notice mould and dirt to take necessary steps and clean your showerscreen. You will be able to treat any spots effectively and quickly.

Another major benefit of using these showerscreens is that you’re able to maximize the available space in your bathroom, both physically and visually. Most showerscreens allow you to clearly view the space in your bathroom, while preventing water spillage from the shower.

In addition to this, semi framed integrity showerscreens also act good spots to hang towels and toiletries to organize the space in the bathroom. Last but not the least, these showerscreens can provide your home with more value. They add a practical and aesthetic appeal to your home.

With all these benefits, there’s no need to wait anymore. If you’re experiencing a problem with the shower curtain or just want to upgrade the look and space in your bathroom, it’s important to look for a semi framed integrity showerscreen to make your bathroom more spacious, practical and aesthetically appealing.

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