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Built In Wardrobes

If you really want to make the true most of your expensive house or apartment, as well as achieve the optimal compromise between the useful, modern and beautiful factors, then purchasing built in wardrobes from Stylish Wardrobes and Screens is the perfect solution. In the past, quality built in wardrobes were considered something only the wealthy could achieve, but today they are a common standard in many interiors.

Our Built In Wardrobes are Designed to Fit Any Space

Our built in wardrobes can be placed in any room, hall, living room, bedroom or bathroom. Due to its great adaptability, regardless of where it is set, build in wardrobes represents the best space usage.

Built in wardrobes can be placed in the “hole” between 2 opposed walls or set so that its entire back length is leaned on a certain wall. The height of our built in wardrobes can be floor-to-ceiling or lower, depending on your specific requirements and needs.linen shelvingIf you have limited space in your home’s bedroom, then you are probably having a difficult time finding place for all of the things you want contained, even if you have wardrobes with sliding doors. Obviously, you need wardrobes so you you can enjoy sufficient space to store or keep all of your clothes & accessories. However, because the space in your bedroom is quite limited, you must choose carefully on the final wardrobe you want to put inside of it. You have to make sure that your wardrobe won’t occupy all of the left space in the room. This is why a wardrobe that saves space is essential for your needs. The perfect wardrobes for this situation are the built in wardrobes we have to offer.

Our built in wardrobes can maximize all of the space that you have allotted for the wardrobe in the room.

With our built in wardrobes, you have the option to choose the perfect size for the designated space, since it will be built exactly according to your specific choices and preferences. This will ultimately help you adjust the spacing in your room and still provide room for further things you require in the room. We also have various styles that you can choose from in order to match the space you want the built in wardrobes to occupy.

With the build in wardrobes offered by Stylish Wardrobes and Showerscreens, you will no longer need to move it from a certain place to another. It will be get fixed in the place that it is installed. This helps prevent homeowners from cluttering the space all over again for a makeover. You can easily decide on the amount you require in order to accommodate the clothing you possess. Then, you can use the great space offered by the built in wardrobes to sort out the clothes as you desire.

We have skilled and experienced built in wardrobes experts who can easily help you create good & space-saving built in wardrobes for your special room. All you need to do is consult with our expertise in order to customize the final design.

Apart from the better use of space and customisation options our built in wardrobes provide, they are also responsible for a great ease of maintenance. Unlike freestanding wardrobes, which may leave unused space at the top that easily gathers dust, cleaning built in wardrobes is much easier due to their perfect fit into any space. We make sure that there are zero open spaces where dust and dirt can accumulate.

We at Stylish Wardrobes and Showerscreens make sure to maintain our products in accordance to top-level Australian design and style, along with reliable safety standards in order to guarantee our clients installation that is over top quality. Our primary focus is on safety, durability, construction and performance.

We pride and stand by all of our products, whether it’s mirrored wardrobes or any other product, and offer a 10-year guarantee, ensuring excellence & craftsmanship.

Our skilled team is always available to visit your residence, discuss specific wardrobe demands and requirements, and reach the perfect solution. Call us today at 4647 2344. Your stylish solutions for storage are awaiting your call!

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